News and updates

(2020-11-08) Welcome to the first open-beta of Bit Crumble!

Today, BitCrumble has been published in an open-beta version. This means that the overall website is functional but some features might not be completely stable and the crumbs retantion time is not assured.

It has been kind a lots of work in this project lasted almost two years and yet technologies changed rapidly. For this reason, Bit Crumble aims at one simple approach: stability over improvments. In facts, future updates will be mainly focused on stability and one current big upgrade would be the use of PHP 8 over PHP 7 (and maybe good framework).

Another big step would be the publication of the project in Github. Since the beginning of this project, it has been just one developer around it (me, Maxelweb) and for this initial phase any source has been closed to the public for various reasons. Nowadays, open source is the future for many kind of software, and this project is no exeception. As soon as Bit Crumble would find more audience and interest around it, sources will be published. Currently you can only find the support repository, which I invite you to use in order to suggest changes or report bugs in the platform.

For now, this project is no more than just a personal and simple tool for developers.
So, use it freely and enjoy publishing crumbs!